Written by sonal on August 14, 2018

This briefing note focuses on the plight of communities in Rwangara Parish in Kanara Sub County, Ntoroko District in accessing safe drinking water. The high salinity levels in the ground water hinder access to safe drinking water in the area, although over the last decade, local government and other development partners (NGOs) have implemented boreholes. However, all of these facilities have failed due to pipe corrosion caused by high salinity levels in the ground water. The Ugandan Government was one of the first to develop its 2015/16–2019/20 national development plan in line with the SDGs. If the Ugandan Government wants to fulfil their commitment to SDG targets, then achieving universal access to safe drinking water in areas like Ntoroko is paramount. The Government, both local and national, as well as civil society organizations in the water sector need to prioritize the development of Integrated Water Resources Management and WASH as both are interlinked and dependent on each other.

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